Month: April 2012

  • Wide Field Retinal Imaging

    The doctors at Wells Branch Vision recommend a retinal exam as part of a yearly comprehensive eye exam.   Traditionally, this meant that the patient would have to have their pupils dilated through the use of eye drops. And this is still true today. Dilation is the best method for the doctor to see into…

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  • Three Reasons to Consider Daily Disposable Contact Lens

    During the past three to four years there has been an enormous shift in the optical market towards daily disposable contact lenses. Doctors and patients are choosing one-time use contacts over the traditional one-month and two-week disposables.   And why should you consider making this switch? Here are three good reasons. First, daily disposable contact…

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  • Bifocal Hard Contacts

    Hard contact lenses have been around for a long time. Adult patients will often remark to me that back when they started wearing contacts, hard lenses were the only option. Most of them assume that hard contacts have gone the way of the dodo.   But this technology is far from obsolete. Hard, or rigid…

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