Champagne Corks and Shuttlecocks

With trauma, an once of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure. I am in the process of preparing a talk to be presented at the national meeting of the American Optometric Association in Washington, DC this summer.

I will be presenting the case of an 18 year old, high-school student who developed rapidly decreasing vision after being hit in the eye at soccer practice. This young man had a case of a traumatic retina disease called commotio retinae. Thankfully, this condition typically heals completely. And that was the case with this guy.

In preparing this lecture, I came across some of the most common causes of eye trauma. This interesting list includes paintball, Champagne corks, combat (improvised explosive devices), shuttlecocks, firecrackers, and traffic accidents.

Some of life’s traumatic events are unavoidable and unexpected. However, in the case of sports and hobbies, we can often take precautions to protect our – and our kids’ eyes. Take the time and effort to wear eye protection. Traumatic eye injuries often have serious results that remain for life.

Dr. Hamilton