Spring Sunglasses

In addition to making us look cool, sunglasses offer a number of health benefits

Sunglasses shield the inside of the eyes from harmful rays from the sun.  Vision scientists have found that macular degeneration and cataracts have been associated with ultraviolet (UV) light exposure.  Those with a family history of these common diseases should be especially careful to wear sun protection.

Sunglasses also protect our skin.  Large lens design is fashionable and provides maximum field of vision – but also keeps UV light from reaching the delicate skin surrounding our eyes.  Thinning, sagging and wrinkles of this skin has been associated with UV exposure.  Protection from sunglasses is a good way to keep away solar radiation.

Furthermore, sunglasses provide protection from flying objects.  Sports enthusiasts and those who work outside are at risk of traumatic eye injuries.  Whether it’s a fast-moving tennis ball or a pebble stirred up by a string-trimmer, sunglasses will absorb impact and protect the ocular tissues.

Spring has sprung in central Texas – that means long days of sunlight.  Has it been a while since you’ve updated your sunglasses?  Come on by today and check out our selection!  There are some many good reasons to wear sunglasses!