Three Reasons to Consider Daily Disposable Contact Lens

During the past three to four years there has been an enormous shift in the optical market towards daily disposable contact lenses. Doctors and patients are choosing one-time use contacts over the traditional one-month and two-week disposables.


And why should you consider making this switch? Here are three good reasons.

First, daily disposable contact lens wearers tend to have less problems with infections and eye allergies. Every morning, these wearers open up a brand new pair of sterile lenses. There is no accumulated “crud” from previous wears.

Contact lenses are manufactured out of a sponge-like material called hydrogel. This material consist of many tiny pores that are filled with saline solution when the contact is new. With traditional disposable contact lenses, these pores accumulate residue from the patient’s tear film. Over time, the pores fill up with fats and proteins naturally found in tears.

In addition, environmental debris such as dust and allergens also build up on contact lenses. This accumulation often causes problems with allergies and infections. Daily disposable contact lenses completely eliminate these common problems associated with traditional contact lenses.

Second, it’s easy. There are no cleaners, no multipurpose solutions and no cases to worry about. When going away on a weekend trip, daily-disposable wearers only have to throw a few pairs of lenses into their toiletry bag. And it’s a breeze going through airport security without carrying solution.

Third, we have dramatically reduced your cost on these lenses at Wells Branch Vision. Along with manufacturer rebates, most people can get a year supply for about 82 cents/day.

Ask today about a sample of daily disposables!