Wide Field Retinal Imaging

The doctors at Wells Branch Vision recommend a retinal exam as part of a yearly comprehensive eye exam.


Traditionally, this meant that the patient would have to have their pupils dilated through the use of eye drops. And this is still true today. Dilation is the best method for the doctor to see into the eyes to view the internal structures.

However, a new technology has emerged that gives the doctor up to a 200 degree view of the retina without the use of dilating drops. This instrument is called an Optomap and Wells Branch Vision is pleased to offer it to our patients. In most cases, if a patient chooses to have the Optomap retinal image taken of their eye, they will not then need dilation.

Optomap imaging allows your doctor to diagnose many medical disorders including macular degeneration, high blood pressure, diabetes, retinal holes and detachments. It is painless, quick and thorough (documents up to 95% or your retina in ¼ second).

The optomap retinal image gives your eye doctor a much large view than conventional eye exam equipment. And your eye doctor will review your images at the time of your exam. These permanent digital images of your retinas can be referred to in the future, allowing your doctor to monitor changes in your health.

Ask about Optomap at this year’s visit!